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Cliff-Gila Fair Association


The first Cliff-Gila Fair was held on a Saturday in the fall of 1948.  It was originally going to be held in Silver CIty near where the race track was built in Arenas Valley(then known as Whiskey Creek).  Enthusiasm for this idea waned and a partnership developed to have a county fair in Cliff sponsored by the Farm Bureau, Cliff School and the County Extension Service.


The Great Rock Wall at the Cliff School became the center piece for the first gathering of the fair.  Here, temporary livestock pens were set up as well as 4-H exhibits.  The women from the Farm Bureau and women in the valley provided lunch, which was served on the rock wall.  In later years, fair-goers used the rock wall for seating after purchasing a barbeque lunch made by the Lions Club of Silver City.


As the years passed, a livestock barn was built.  This barn originally housed the swine, sheep, cattle, the show/sales ring, and under the bleachers, pens for rabbits and poultry.  The Cliff School gym and several other rooms were used for the other exhibits.



The fair continued to grow and the old rodeo arena was torn down and a new one was constructed in its present location.  The rabbit and poultry barn was added at the south end of the livestock barn.  After the rabbit/poultry barn, the steer barn and sales ring were added followed by the dance slab, RV park and the new exhibit building.


In 2012, a mini tornado severely damaged the livestock barn and it was torn down and replaced with the new livestock barn.  This now houses the rabbits, poultry, swine and steers.


The fair has continued to survive with dedicated volunteers trying to provide a location for the area youth to exhibit their agricultural projects, 4-H and FFA projects and school exhibits.  The fair also encourages adults to exhibit their crafts, baking and other acomplishments.

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