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How-To Page

The How-To page is for livestock competitors or anyone interested in more information about specific topics like buying, management and showing of livestock.  This information will assist the beginner livestock owner and 4-H youth, as well as the experienced FFA or adult just wanting specific information to polish their competition or to assist in feeding and managing their livestock.  Click here for the 4-H page for more information.

"Training Your New Goat for the Show Ring"

"Preparing Sheep for the Winner's Circle"

"Blower Technique Show Cattle"

"Chicken Showmanship Demonstration"

"Showing FFA Pigs"

"4-H Bunny Presentation"

"Shearing and Fitting your Show Sheep"

"Showing Chickens For Beginners"

Below is a list of other topics that might be of interest.  Remember, it is a good idea to discuss showing, management and care of your livestock with your 4-H agent, club leader or FFA advisor.  

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