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The Livestock competition is the heart of the fair.  This is where the organizations like Future Farmers of America (FFA) and the local 4-H chapters, as well as the youth involved, show off their year's work.


By being members of these organizations, these kids have worked long and hard on their projects throughout the year.  They make lifelong friends and are working to further their skills.  This dedication teaches them responsibility as well as a vital interaction with animals.  They are up early, before school, taking care of their animals.  And in the evening, instead of "hanging out" in town, they go straight home from school to do their chores before doing their homework.  Being part of this dedicated rural community gives youth the foundation to make responsible decisions as they mature to become responsible adults.

What's new this year

  • Maximum weight for pigs is now 300 lbs

  • Per government regulations, social security numbers are now required for livestock entries

  • Other than sand, only pelleted bedding is approved and exhibitors will pay $5 per pen for the use of pelleted bedding with fees collected with fair animal entry

Check out our How-To page for information on how to care and show your livestock!


Junior Livestock Superintendent:  
              Richie Moon



  • You will aid area youth in completing a successful project

  • You will express your belief in what they are doing

  • You will become a very important part of their success

  • You will make a difference in their lives

Junior Livestock Show

Each year, the Junior Livestock Show sees many youth from Grant County bring in their sheep, cattle and pigs they have raised during the year for judging in hopes of placing high enough to make the sale.  Area businessmen and other interested individuals bid to purchase these animals in the sale.  The money used for these purchases goes to the youngsters to put toward their college education and to help purchase their animals for next year's competition.

Slide through the gallery above to see winners from the 2021 Grant County Fair livestock competition!

Junior Livestock Sale -- Saturday - September 23rd

Sponsored by Gila Valley Electric

The Junior Livestock Sale is a venue for the youth participants to allow every dollar contributed to do good.  The raising and subsequent sale of the youth's livestock will go directly to their college fund and/or re-invest in next year's animals.  With the Junior Livestock sale, you know that every dime goes directly to help the kids.

Round Robin Showmanship

The Round Robin Showmanship contest is a contest for senior livestock showman from each of the swine, lamb, and steer contests.  


These nine individuals will then compete against each other, showing all of the species, including the species they qualify in - however, not their own animal.  It is fun to see how well these youth show animals they are not familiar with.


Grand and Reserve Champion Showman is revealed at the Awards Ceremony at the end of the fair.

Poultry and Rabbit Competitions

Whether you raise Poultry or Rabbits as a business, profession or just as a backyard pet, everyone is welcome to bring their animal out to the fair!  We always have a wide variety of breeds entered in both the Rabbit and Poultry competitions.  In both competitions, we offer a Pee Wee and Junior division for the kids as well as an open division for any adults that want to get involved.


In the Poultry show, we always have a wide variety of species and breeds which includes Chickens, Ducks, Pheasants, Pigeons, Turkeys, Geese, Peafowl and Doves.  Don't forget the Poultry Showmanship!  Go to the Poultry page for more information.


The majority of the prizes as well as the general upkeep and maintenance of the cages all come from generous donors throughout the county.  If you would like to donate toward the purchase of building materials, or to offset the cost of ribbons and prizes, please contact Tasha Donaldson, Poultry and Rabbit Superintendent.





Elite Photography, Billy & Debbie Collard, will be taking your picture orders at the fair, where there will be packages available for purchase.  Details regarding livestock pictures have changed this year.  Please view the Picture Procedure poster for more information.

If you have any questions regarding photos please contact Billy & Debbie Collard, Elite Photography   575-313-1357.

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